Hi there!

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Jerie May!

California runs deep in my veins but my true home is wherever my family is; which is currently in Frankfurt, Germany. I'm a proud mom to three beautiful and crazily wonderful kids (four, if you count my husband... err, I mean my big, goofy Great Dane).

I am incredibly passionate about photography and love how it allows me to use my artistic creativity to capture those precious moments to be cherished for a lifetime. When I'm not behind my camera, you'll likely find me enjoying multiple cups of coffee or tea, exercising (if running after my little one counts), and enjoying spending time with my family! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to work with you!

Fun and sort of interesting facts...

  • I LOVE the great outdoors; hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, you name it! A little bit of mother nature's beauty and fresh air is good for the soul.
  • I lived in Turkey for 2 years (which is a beautiful country, by the way) and learned a new language; I was quite proud of myself.
  • I am an extremely optimistic individual and believe everything happens for a reason and will happen when the time is right.
  • The moment my 3 kids came into my life and I became a mom was my greatest accomplishment; I love them more than anything!


Grace & Mike

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"Jerie May was incredibly patient and professional. She took extra time to make sure we got our location captured perfectly and recommended several places in the area to get the vision we wanted. It was cold when we took our engagement photos but you wouldn't be able to tell in our photos that I was freezing. 🙂 Our photos turned out beautifully and we got them back quickly as well. Highly recommend."

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